You Can Always Go Home

Today I feel refreshed, as I returned from a needed short break from the chaos of day-to-day routine. My wife, Monica, and I were in Ohio to attend a friend’s wedding and visit with Monica’s family. Being there, surrounded by a tremendous group of people, I realized how easy it is to lose focus on what really matters.

Your work should be a labor of love. If it isn’t, make it. If it can’t be right now…I certainly understand, but make that the fuel that launches you out of your current situation and propels you into one where you’re better off, where you’re happy and where you’re rewarded.

Home is where the heart is. Today, my heart is still stuck in Cleveland. This weekend, I’m going to be in Las Vegas for the Authority Summit, in which I’m going to have the honor of meeting some of my greatest mentors in person for the first time…topping off the list is Mike Filsaime. I traded friendly emails last week with him and Tom Beal (his partner and another of my mentors), and wow, did that rejuvenate me, just to know that I’ll be soon meeting them. So, I’m sure Vegas will feel like home, because I truly believe I’ll be reborn there and come back rejuvenated towards my business goals!

But, the bottom line here is that in this day and age, we collectively work so hard, work so much, that it is important to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Step back and enjoy what you have around you…nature, family, friends, accomplishments, teachers…no matter what it may be. And reflect on whatever it is that your surrounded by and what you’re appreciative of.

Life is a phenomenal journey, and balancing is one of the most important success skills on that journey.

Do the work to enable you to enjoy the trip to the best of your abilities.

Remember you CAN always go home.