Real Traffic in 2018

It’s time to finally breakthrough with your online marketing efforts!

Content Marketing cannot be denied in 2018, so I wanted to share some valuable tidbits on SEO, social media and ideas on tying it all together to generate traffic and grow your influence and bottom line.

Demystifying Search Engine Optimization

Showing up on the first page of Google has become somewhat of the holy grail for businesses. The process of enhancing and positioning your website so it ranks well in search at Google, Yahoo and Bing is called Search Engine Optimization.

While most every business can benefit from SEO and being easily found via online search, the challenge is treading the dangerous water of SEO consultants. The truth is that while there is empirical evidence for what works, no one knows exactly what Google’s algorithm for ranking websites really is… and it’s a very quickly changing landscape.

This is the first in a three-part video series where I’ll help get you up-to-speed on the basics of SEO, so you know enough to make sound decisions and feel comfortable in hiring (or not hiring) an SEO firm or consultant.

How Social Media Relates to Search Engine Optimization

Internet users are spending more time using social media sites more than any other activity on the web. For that reason, you must have a social media marketing strategy. Another reason that you need to focus on social media is SEO (search engine optimization.)

So how does social media tie into SEO?

Well, Google and the other search engines are now starting to factor in the obvious conclusion that if your website is interesting, entertaining, useful or otherwise valuable, users are GOING to share the site on social media, they’re going to comment, like, plus, tweet, rate, review, etc. This is just what we do, as social creatures on the web.

Much like how back links played a major role in SEO (links from other sites to your site,) these ‘social signals’ are a sign of approval by users that will give you a boost in the search rankings.

Increasing Your Web Presence With Content Marketing

Content is king, so it’s no surprise that Content Marketing has massive business value.

The more valuable content your business publishes, the more your visibility grows online, via social and via search — two of the most important places to have a presence.

More visibility online, means more traffic. More traffic, with just a little thought and pre-planning, will mean more business leads.

All of this, and content doesn’t have to be challenging, while most businesses kick and scream opting not to create fresh, powerful content. Again, planning and re-purposing can make your content marketing efforts much easier.

Consider a new or renewed emphasis on content marketing in 2015, as your efforts will not only be effective, but long-lasting.