Leverage & Leadership: What the Big Guns know that You don’t

The world of online business can be a bit overwhelming. There are “Big Guns” (heavy hitters) out there making a killing online. And you’ll see advertising everywhere you look to “MAKE MONEY NOW”, or a “$12,000 in my first month” testimonial. With so many business models, such as affiliate programs, Google AdSense, reseller programs, eBay stores, direct sales, and network marketing…to name just a few, it complicates things even further. So what do the “Big Guns” know? I’ll get to that in a second.

If you’re just getting started out, or would like to actually start earning some income with your already existing, yet stagnant business, the brutal reality is that there are no shortcuts. As in any business, it takes some research, goal setting, a plan of action, and then follow through on the action items. And, as you progress, you may have to adjust accordingly for what works.

Now, there are two things, in particular, that the “Big Guns” know and practice that can increase your profitability and output tenfold, and the first is LEVERAGE. Those who are successful leverage their strengths and have resources to combat weaknesses, not to mention that they leverage their time by the use of automation.

The second is LEADERSHIP. It should be no surprise to you that the “Big Names” are the ones that make the big bucks. Well, how did they get to be “Big Names” or “Big Guns” or “Heavy Hitters”? They did so by getting out there and making a name for themselves. You can’t sit passively by and hope that your bank account will miraculously grow, that’s just the harsh reality.

So where do you start? First, begin by becoming a student of the internet marketing game and find free and/or cost effective resources online. Sign up for newsletters (like the one I link to on this page) and become active in forums and other online communities.

Secondly, brand yourself!! Again, all the success stories come with a name and sometimes a face. Why not begin to put yours out there? Ever hear of the concept of “modeling” from NLP? Success leaves clues…follow them.

Good luck to you, and remember it can be done if you treat this like a real business and take action accordingly.