How To Gain Trust and Loyalty Despite Being Another Online Stranger

In today’s world, we have the ability to connect with more people than ever. The ability to directly target the people that were looking for in our market.

However, so many solopreneurs and small business people are having such a hard time, it’s an interesting dilemma.

The online world is all based and build upon trust. If you don’t have trust, you’re in trouble.

So how do you gain trust?

Good question, and the answer is actually pretty straightforward and pretty simple.

Be different. Be different from everyone else out there. Be different from the people and businesses that your target market does not trust. Be genuine, and legitimately offer value on a consistent basis. Give, overdeliver, make your business or yourself memorable and impossible to forget.

Do the things that others in your market are not willing to do. Offer direct, live support. Pick up the phone and call your customers.

Make yourself available, give out a direct e-mail address to contact you, rather than a generic support e-mail address.

It’s a small world, yet at the same time the world is very big.

Your prospective customers can come into contact with anyone and everyone from around the globe…

This, unfortunately, includes thieves, greedy opportunists, scam artists and scoundrels of low (or no) integrity. Of course there are many legitimate alternatives too, but you, as the small business or solopreneur, still have an advantage.

The way you can stand above the shady bunch and large corporate competition is by being genuine, being available and responsive.

Make it very easy for your customers to trust you, rely on you, need you… and you’ll realize the true value in the ability to connect with such a massive global audience.