Get your own…

Remember that old Frito Lay ad campaign, “Get your own bag”? It got me thinking. The importance of what is “ours.” We are more compelled, protective, and take greater strides in regards to something that is ours, as opposed to something shared or something borrowed…probably why we don’t like neighbors to borrow our stuff, and why homeowners take better care of their living space than those who rent.

So consider that in your career. Is your work yours? Or is it simply borrowed or assigned? If it was yours…your business, your product, your service, your idea, etc., how would you treat it…would your enthusiasm be different about your work than it is currently, I’m guessing so. If not, I salute you!

I encourage everyone to branch out and go into business for themselves—in one sense or another. Now, of course, that will never happen, but I can’t image a life and a future of working for the weekends and a paycheck that compares to bread crumbs, especially when it’s not a labor of love.

On top of this, I say that ever single person reading this has at least ONE, solid line of products or services in them… it just needs to be let out.

If you’re scratching your head at this, let’s go back to the idea that our passions drive us to take our greatest actions. We all have a love, an area of expertise or mastery, if nothing else, a hobby. Why not turn what we love, what we know, what we are masters of into something to put out into the world that is our own!

We’re only limited by our creativity. The world will always be in need of new products, information, resources, solutions, entertainment, shortcuts, etc., etc., etc.

Take a look at and see if any light bulbs go off in your head.

I’m looking forward to seeing your grand contribution to the world.