Was It the Year of the QR Code?

Follow Tony Zayas on Twitter2011 — they started to pop up everywhere, but do the numbers support that it was the year of the QR code?

Perspective is all important here. I think it’s important to realize that a 6% response rate for a marketing piece can be looked at as a glowing success.

Because it’s a single digit, it’s easy to write it off as a failure, but the truth is, what’s a good email open and click thru rate?? While it depends on the list, single digits are definitely not a sign of failure. I think that’s a fair parallel to draw.

The point is that the QR codes are targeting a specific segment of the population, not everyone who’s eyeballs see the code, and if that population is responsive and the code is converting leads, sales, traffic (whatever your target is) that’s how you have to measure results.

(Not) The Year of the QR Code

Last year around this time, I wrote a post about the Holidays saving QR Codes. At the time, I noticed them in about every print piece/holiday circular we received in the mail, and from that standpoint, I was interested in how it would affect these codes – being introduced into homes via these circulars that […]