Video Relationship Building & Marketing

So I received another email from my new favorite hype-marketer, Juan. At the end of his over-the-top message, he said, “So call me!” I intend on doing that to pick his brain a little, see how he’s been doing with his biz opp and also find out how he got my email address. Don’t worry, I’ll be nice.  😉  What I ultimately intend on doing is to persuade him to use some alternate methods rather than spam, such as video.

There’s no doubt that video will be the norm for any iBiz in the very near future. Problem for independent marketers is that many don’t realize how easy it is to use video. One of the coolest video sites out there is

FreeIQ’s tagline is, “The Marketplace for Ideas.” This is what differentiates it from YouTube, Google Video, or the rest. FreeIQ is where you go for good information, or to upload good information and is the brainchild of Brad Fallon, the coolest guy on the planet (do a Google search…it’s actually an SEO experiment he’s been doing, and I see that he’s actually fallen to become the second coolest guy on the planet…lol.)

Below is a video of Brad at Mike Filsaime’s 2007 Figure Business event from earlier in the year. He explains more about Free IQ. BTW, the video is 90 minutes, but well worth every second. Brad is, without a doubt, one of the best Internet marketers around. (P.S. I paid over $500 for a 20 set DVD series that included the video below, and this is one of the very best sessions. So consider this my gift to you.)

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