Tony Robbins’ stamp of approval


You know you’ve done something right when Tony Robbins interviews you on the topics of success, wealth and having breakthroughs, as he recently did with two of my mentors, Frank Kern and John Reese.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank and John, they’re two of the most accomplished and pioneering Internet marketers around.

Two big things I reflected upon after watching this was that the roadblock for SO MANY, is not having the ideas, it’s not the resources either, but the fear that we’re faced with that causes us to get stuck is often so great, that it paralyzes us.

Personally, I realize that I would have never made the gains and breakthroughs if I didn’t have a support group, friends and partners to help me see the big picture, when I was too close to the subject matter to see objectively.  This is where the importance of mastermind groups and coaching comes into play…if you aren’t involved in either and you’ve hit a roadblock, it’s seriously time to consider.

Secondly, this is mainstream validation for the skeptics that Internet marketing is something that ALL business owners intent on having success from this point forward (even if you’re already successful) must include in their bag o’ tricks.

Whether you run campaigns yourself or outsource everything, you need an effective online business strategy that is in alignment and congruent with your core business — and this is relevant to all offline businesses.  I’m blown away when I tell someone a bit about online marketing and they mention, “Yeah, that’s pretty powerful stuff, it just doesn’t fit my business model.”  BS!  Unless telephones, business cards, yellow page listings, word of mouth communication (I could go on and on) don’t fit your business model either, you’re totally missing what Internet marketing is all about.

Admittedly, the third thing was I thought it was cool that just a couple months back I was spending a weekend sitting next to both Frank and John, as Frank led his final mastermind session down in La Jolla.  I had the great fortune to be invited, learn and hang out with this small, elite group of good people and brilliant minds.  And what my wife reminds me about it is that I’m now just one degree of separation from Tony Robbins…someone I’ve studied and followed for very long.

Check out the interview, it’s good stuff!



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