The Total Package – Make it simple for the user

Mike Filsaime, whom I consider a friend and most definitely a mentor, was once telling me about creating “buttons.” What he meant by this is similar to Staple’s Easy Button — The idea that as business owners and entrepreneurs, we should provide our consumers with solutions that are push button simple.

For instance, don’t just give the customer a fish…instead, give them a light-weight, high-quality fishing rod, a heavily populated lake, a grill, fire, lemon, butter, other fresh seasonings that will make the fish taste delicious, an easy to follow series of Camtasia videos that walk them through using all the things you just gave him to catch and make a delicious fish dinner, instructions on how to watch the videos, a support line or helpdesk in case there are any questions, and then on top of that, offer to cook the fish for them if they’d rather not learn how to fish themselves, and also offer all of the above for some great side dishes and dessert!

Buttons…not just products or services. Make sense? It does to me, and that’s what I’ve tried to do with my latest site, I’ve tried to put all the pieces together for online business newbies so they can do the equivalent of cooking up a delicious gourmet dinner.

The site will launch on November 6th, and I invite you to check it out. It is free to join and I hope you find it to be a button! 😉