The Social Media ROI Myth

Corporate types awkwardly struggle with social media ROI. That shows one thing – they just don’t get it…yet!

What’s the ROI on telephones? Surely, a sales call has and will never work, right???

How about paper? Direct marketing pieces must be a bunch of noise and a waste. Why send people letters, aside from Santa, right?

Any ROI on TV? No, that’s just where manufactured celebrities have reality shows. Those infomercials only keep rolling for years on end because they’re wasting money…right?

Okay, hopefully point made.

Social Media is just a platform for interaction, so the general ROI question is off the mark because it comes from a faulty, flawed perspective.

Knowing that nothing can or will eclipse social sites in the immediate future for sheer engagement and interaction — this is where everyone is at and they’re listening — why not strap your head on straight and start using some brain power as to best leverage this medium rather than treating it like some hocus pocus hype?

Business failure is your other option. While the suits may better understand that concept, I’m hoping they opt against it.

Is your company missing the mark on social?