The Economy of Fear

photo by Julie Lindsay

photo by Julie Lindsay

Welcome to the Great Anxiety (not the new Depression). It’s no secret that were facing a serious economic situation throughout the country, with global repercussions.

A lot of fingers can be pointed in a lot of different places for total and what got us here. But none of that matters, to be honest. What matters is recovery, IMHO.

In order for there to be financial security, we must come from a place of stability.   And herein lies the heart of the matter.   How can we expect to get to that place a financial security when every media outlet is crying like Chicken Little that the sky is falling?

While I’m not one to point fingers at who started this mess, I am happy to point out that the media and politicians love the attention of a crisis.  Kind of like how you get suckered into reading the headlines of those trashy tabloids that you see while you’re in line at the grocery store. Our media and politicians aren’t much classier.

The point is that there were not in a great place economically, or financially,  we’re not going to turn things around if we continue to pay attention to all the fear that the would-be puppet masters are trying to inject.

How come no one has pointed out that (the basic economic ideal) of buy low? Wouldn’t that mean that opportunities are a plenty for the bold and the brave?  Instead, we hear rants of how things are just getting worse.

What do you think would happen if there was a bit more  consumer confidence?  Meaning, those who still have their jobs, haven’t lost or still have time to build their retirement savings  went about things, as normal —  Not with fear of financial doom lurking in their subconscious?

Perhaps they would buy a few more gifts and/or services for their friends or loved ones, or they would treat themselves to a tree here or there. All the while, if you small businesses  rack up a few extra sales. While it might not sound like much, never underestimate the power of compounding — meaning role this scenario out to a large-scale and we would already have some financial turn around, as small businesses may have healthy enough margins to cutback on cutting back, and perhaps even grow a bit.  This, my friends, is economic stimulus and our ticket out of this down economy.

As simple as this sounds, it is very real. I hold the media and many of our appointed government officials responsible for this mass injection of fear and the downfall in consumer confidence, ensuring continued ratings and headlines for them, and tough times of struggle for the average person.

So, turn off the TV, stop reading the headlines, and get back to doing the things that you would do if we weren’t all stricken with anxiety.  And for the risk-takers out there, opportunity is always around, just keep your eyeballs open.