Surfin’ the Same Old Sites? Discover Cool Sites!

I’ve been working on a few new projects that have kept me busy, and one in particular, that helped gain some perspective on the nature of the Internet, and what and why we do what we do online.

One of my best friends built an AWESOME site…you can check it out right here – — It’s basically a really fun (and funny) social network with the premise of “who would win in a fight?”

Through my brainstorming with my buddy Dave, I realized that he’s built a business that’s so much fun that it feels like we’re monkeying around all the entire time we spend discussing it. I realized that there have to be tons of great sites like this, that are really fun, entertaining or just really cool…but, that no one knows about. What a shame.

I’d imagine this leads to a lot of great sites never being able to sustain, and subsequently, be shut down.

Well, my newest project is geared towards exposing these kind of sites and getting a ton of eyeballs on those sites, showing the site owners some crafty ways to use viral marketing to grow their sites, develop some custom monetization models for these sites, and more.

So stay tuned as I get this project ready for launch in the next few weeks. If you have a cool site you want the world to know about, be sure to come back regularly…you WON’T want to miss out on this!