Have You Seen These? QR Codes Popping Up Everywhere

QR (Quick Response) codes are becoming a popular way to bring your off-line communications online for a range of every day contexts through your mobile phone.  Mobile tagging, the process of delivering information to mobile devices after a consumer scans a QR code from objects that are literally ‘tagged’, continues to be increasingly incorporated in marketing initiatives and convenience-oriented consumer applications.

Businesses can utilize QR codes to easily provide information such as directions to their location, their company’s BBB Business Review or perhaps a URL where the viewer can click to receive a coupon. QR codes can even be placed on business cards to direct the recipient to a link for a business website or landing page.

QR codes are innovative, given that they establish a true connection between the brand experience online and offline. Consumers are able to use their mobile magic wand to unlock richer experiences and connect with the brand in a multi-layered fashion.

Companies, large and small, are feverishly experimenting with QR codes to drive those richer experiences for early-adopter consumers, and the tactical trend appears to be approaching the tipping point to ubiquity, at least on the experimentation/implementation side, if not yet on the adoption side.

QR Code Marketing Tips

  • -Do make sure the campaign actually warrants one. If a consumer is going to make the effort to scan a QR code, the end result ought to be something customized for the mobile experience.
  • -Don’t simply use a QR code because you think it’s a nifty new technology.
  • -Do give your audience additional options, whether it be a website address or other info detailing your offering.
  • -Don’t alienate individuals who don’t own smartphones. Don’t assume we all have embraced this trend and forget about the non-tech consumer.

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