Productivity Hacks to Make You More Effective at the Office, Part II

Stress vs Productivity

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Effective use of time and the need to be hyper-productive have become both more challenging and more important in today’s workplace. For the second installment in this series (you can read part one here) I’ll take a look at some unique, out of the box and interesting suggestions for increasing your productivity.

Change Your Life
Brendan Baker’s post titled, The Number 1 Productivity Hack That Will Change Your Lifeis refreshingly simple and easy to implement. It might actually feel overly simplistic, but it works, as it will keep you focused and on task.

While I live in Northeast Ohio, I’m not even partial to this next hack for that reason. Rather, I am fascinated with this powerful suggestion because it can completely alter the way that you’re impacted by email. We all know how debilitating email overload can be. While it’s an essential part of office life, the age of information overload is nowhere more apparent than when dealing with an inbox full of messages that demand replies. Keep email from crushing you with O-H-I-O.

Prepare for Monday, On Friday
If you examine highly productive people, you’ll notice that strong habits related to planning always show up. Here’s a productivity hack that will help you become more effective in planning out your week and starting out ahead of the game — Prepare for Monday, On Friday.

Calendar Instead of To-Do List
Sometimes the tools and devices we create and use to help us deal with overload only end up bringing us more of it. Is the trusty old to-do list still carrying it’s weight, or is it betraying you? If that is the case, it may be better replaced by your calendar.

Go On a Social and Mobile Diet
While the business value for these two productivity wasters is undeniable, there may be no bigger distractions in the workplace today than social media and cell phones (sometimes used in conjunction.) With that being said, doing without these two ever-present demands of modern life, even if it’s just scaling back during peak productivity hours: Put Away the Phone & Restrict Your Social Media Diet.

Taking Small Actions Tricks Your Brain
Lastly, I’ll leave you with this little secret, because it can help you conquer any challenges that you might have with productivity in one fell swoop… or perhaps I should say in a series of small actions: The Secret to Forming Super Productive Habits

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