Mission Critical Success Attributes for Online Business

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In Seth Godin’s insightful book “Free Prize Inside / Purple Cow”, I’ve once again arrived at a conclusion I’ve come to many times before regarding success. This conclusion can perhaps be marketed to be a “success secret” of some sort, eBooks and reports can be written about it, video and audio discussions can be created about it, and all of these would generate traffic and be popular conversation builders.

The conclusion OR secret OR whatever YOU choose to call it is that success is found by those who have three essential qualities. Though certain case studies may show that individuals possessed other attributes as well, the three I’m about to mention are universal and absolutely necessary.

The three success attributes are:

1. Leadership
2. Uniqueness
3. Vision

To define and dig deeper, let’s look at each individually.

Leadership – People want someone to look up to and follow, hence the term and way of life for most in our culture, “Follow the leader.” How, you ask, does one become a leader? Declare yourself one. That’s all, see yourself as a leader and from that point forward make decisions and act like a leader. It’s a choice really: Do you want to take direction or determine the direction that’s taken?

Uniqueness – In Godin’s book he uses “Purple Cow” to refer to a product that is remarkable…it stands out from the crowd. This goes hand-in-hand with leadership. You must make decisions to be different, to be better, more memorable, etc. Whatever your uniqueness, you’ll be lauded and applauded for it, worst case you’ll have critics…any of these cases are better than being ignored. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” –Goethe

Vision – To make it all come together, you must have the foresight to look beyond where you are right here and now. Beyond the potential of an affiliate program, network marketing distributorship, or joint venture. These things are just the beginning…develop an empire…it all starts with an idea. Be in the moment, but anticipate and plan for the future, and always set your goals and standards higher than what you believe to be possible. No one who’s ever pushed the bounds of possibility has aimed too low.
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