Mass Control – The Mass Influence of Frank Kern

Quick Video Marketing Report

Quick Video Marketing Report

After having a week to reflect on everything I observed at Frank Kern’s Mass Control 2.0 seminar in San Diego, it’s pretty easy to see how influential Frank is to his audience — not a new revelation, but something deeper struck me.

Not only does his following hang onto his every word when he dishes out strategy (of course, in a highly entertaining way), but the ones serious about it go out into the world and make it happen.

That was the common theme amongst those who, like me, attended both last year and again this year.  If you “get it”, you know it’s not all that difficult, but you have to take action.  I can go ahead and re-phrase that statement in about six different ways, but here’s the bottom line…take action.

My favorite example of this is my good buddy, Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt.  In two years of pedal to the metal, no messing around fashion, he’s managed to generate over 1 million dollars.  Overnight success…luck…I don’t think so.  The dude doesn’t play.  He straight up makes things happen. (THEN he goes and parties like a rockstar…and he doesn’t mess around there either LOL)

Anyway, he’s Frank Kern’s protégé and delivers in a way that makes Frank proud.  Check out the awesome, 40 page report he put together on how he went from having his dream career as an F-16 Fighter Pilot and Instructor torn away from him, to where he stands today as the go-to guy when it comes to using video online.