Magnetism & Marketing

I have to give Mike Dillard a lot of credit for giving me ideas to think beyond what was already being done online, the way of building trust and relationships. My Internet Relationship Marketing system and philosophy owes a great deal to Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring system.

While his focus is strictly on Network Marketing & MLM, my focus is more on digital products and direct sales. Nevertheless, he’s one who gets it right when prospecting and driving traffic to his site and his system. His most up to date version of Magnetic Sponsoring is a social network…of network marketers.

I applaude his efforts, but an industry that was fundamentally built on greed disguised as guidance, I remain a bit skeptical…a bit too little, too late. But if anyone can prove me wrong, it’s Mike Dillard. He’s been putting himself in harms way for years now, trying to disarm the MLM Bomb.

I encourage you to check out his tremendous community just for the fun and magetic appeal…it truly is a cool site. I recommend all of Mike’s books and services. He is one marketer who knows how to deliver.