In an Election Year…

With Super Tuesday approaching in just hours, I’m going to go a little political.

Much is often said about “an election year,” for all the reasons that immediately come to mind: The Possibility of Change, Reflection on What Has Been, Ideas of Hope and Fear looking into the Future, and much more.

Though Ron Paul has been most effective in using social media to gain a huge following (I commend Rep. Paul on his efforts and his successes), the Presidential hopefuls have boiled down to just two, for all practical purposes, in each party.

I believe that our two parties help to make America great, as we’re given two choices, two voices, two directions and two distinct options…or at least that’s how it’s suppose to be in theory.

In this Election Year, take the political process seriously, as every election year has implications and repercussions for many many years to come. Don’t buy into the “inevitable candidate” – on either side – pick who you think will best represent America as our leader.

And, when you’re at the polls (actually do some reading and research beforehand), as All Politics Are Local. Your choices on local issues will probably affect YOU much more than a national figurehead. (Sometimes people act like the President is The Wizard of Oz…and responsible for everything that happens in this country, good and bad. Truth is that the citizens are much more responsible for most.)

So I’ll leave you with two videos…two candidates…one from each side. Each are the alternative to the inevitable candidate, so perhaps they’re worth looking at unless you like how the DC Machine continues to run itself.