Important Facebook Update Could Mean Opportunity

In direct response to social media rivals, Google+ and Twitter, Facebook’s latest update matches their competitors by allowing “subscriptions” to personal profiles.  What this means is that Facebook becomes somewhat of an open network, like Twitter, where anyone who wants to follow or “Subscribe” to your updates, can do so.  This goes against the grain of the private, two-way friend confirmation process that has made Facebook what it is today.

For business purposes, this allows your reach to expand if you’re using your personal profile to represent your brand. Additionally, more Facebook data will now be published publicly, rather than behind a closed network, so you can find out more about your customers, prospects and competition, who choose to publicly broadcast messages.

If you’re concerned about your Facebook profile’s privacy, fear not, as you remain in control to choose what (if anything) is published publicly.

If you, personally, don’t represent your company, the safest bet for your business presence on Facebook is likely a Facebook Page, which is specifically intended to represent brands and businesses.


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