Growing into e-business

I have a good friend, Lenny, who owns a very successful sports memorabilia company. He operates out of his beautiful Pasadena home with his awesome wife’s assistance. They have an incredible life filled with family, friends, travel and all the finer things that come with a level of affluence.

Recently I had a conversation with Len about creating some digital info products to both sell and to promote his business. I mentioned it to him in passing, just giving him a very low level description of the service and how I thought it could boost his business and sent along the link to

Today I received an email from him and he loved the concept, but asked…”Do you think this could benefit me?” His concern was that he isn’t very tech savvy…as he said, “No i-phone, no i-book, no blackberry, I even hate my cell phone.” I chuckled at his comments…this guy is HILARIOUS in person, so it’s probably the only time he’ll just give me a chuckle.

So I replied to him, of course on my Blackberry, that YES, he’d absolutely be a prime candidate as my service could completely broaden his market by reaching the Internet base. He does incredibly well, so I told him, “unless you’re worried about too many customers!” Nice problem to have, I’d have to say.

Anyway, I know this hits home for some small biz owners, as making the jump to the online world might seem difficult. Even if you’re selling tangible goods, products, and/or services, you can broaden your market by creating digital products to supplement or overview your primary offerings.

If you have a “real” or tangible business and are looking to get involved in the online world, consider We’ll consult with you and explain how this will all work…plus we do all the heavy (tech) lifting. You just have to be able to use a phone (and no Lenny, you don’t have to use your cell!)

But this way, you get not only get into the game, but get ahead of the pack in the online business world.