Gratitude: The Attitude of Thanksgiving and Law of Attraction

This posting will be a little different, as I’m not going to focus much on online business, network marketing,, etc. Today, the Thanksgiving holiday takes precedence.

Since my mid-teens, Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday. The reason is for the positive and hopeful nature of this very special holiday, and all that it has come to represent.

On Thanksgiving, we typically surround ourselves with those whom we love and are loved by, enjoy a plentiful meal, reflect on all the good we have in our lives, and are grateful for what we have. I’ve always thought of the possibilities of if I treated everyday as I do Thanksgiving…and I’ve made a point to actually do some daily incantations that condition me to do so.

So, why not revisit everything we’ve seen and heard about the Law of Attraction this Thanksgiving. A major focus of the entire LOA movement is gratitude! Many personal development and peak performance trainers have been focusing on gratitude for years.

Why is gratitude so important? I believe it comes down to happiness…and purpose. If we can’t find anything to be grateful for, we never will. Our passion comes from the hope of finding something that we will be grateful for, so if we’re incapable of gratitude, we’re incapable of hope, in turn we have no passion. Without passion we can never serve our defined purpose effectively. On the flip side, if we focus on what we are grateful for, we’ll evoke the passion to attain more of whatever that is, we’ll find purpose and the passion to fuel our actions. That is why it is so important. It’s bigger than “goals” and “achievement” in a generic sense; it’s about life, love and happiness…all those grandiose and wonderful things that are important to us all.

So, this year consider prolonging “Thanksgiving”…carry the spirit on throught the year. And to spark it all, maybe watching The Secret (or your favorite movie that takes you to a state of gratitude) becomes a new Thanksgiving tradition.

I wish you all a most wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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