Chicago6 – Masterminding Their Way into History

Today is the first gathering of my personal mastermind group. I anticipate great things from having a group of intelligent, fun, professional and just plain good people to bounce ideas off of. In preparation for this meeting I did some research on mastermind groups. Listed below is one that I found to be captivating. Enjoy!

During the early 1900`s 6 men in Chicago formed a Mastermind Group. These men put Chicago on the map. When these 6 started their Mastermind, which later became known as the CHICAGO6, none of them had any money. They met every Saturday at a local restaurant over dinner,
and after a very few years each one was worth several millions of dollars (at a time when that was a lot of money!).

One was Charles Wrigley, who created the Wrigley`s Chewing Gum empire. Another was William Hertz, who built the Yellow Cab Company. Their businesses were started and succeeded with the great help of their Mastermind Alliance.