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State of Inbound Sales 2015

How To Buck The Trend of Social Selling Failure for Profound Success Leveraging Social and Inbound Marketing

The State of Inbound report from Hubspot is out, and it’s not pretty if you’re looking at it from a sales perspective. The two biggest eye-openers being: Social selling is still more hype than reality. However, pockets exist where interest is on the rise — notably among executives… Prospecting is the most difficult step of…

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Why Context Is Queen and Content Marketing

Why Context Is Queen and Content Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored

The rise and growth of content marketing has virtually transformed the way that businesses interact with their prospects, customers and clients online. It has changed the expectations of what type of information can and should be available from businesses and it has empowered the consumer. And for all of this, context has become a very…

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Youth Vs. Experience

The Social Business Battle of Youth vs. Experience

The conversation often starts the same. They come up to me after I’ve just delivered a talk on getting serious about social media for their businesses. They’re incredibly excited about the possibilities of the scope and reach of it all, and they get it, they’re going all in. But then, it sours from there. I…

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Social Media for Customer Service

3 Reasons To Use Social Media For Customer Service

One of the very reasons that many businesses shy away from social media, or don’t go all in on social media, is exactly the reason why they should be. What I’m referring to here is that unsocial businesses do not have full control of the messages conveyed about the business. While this may seem scary…

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Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Time — the number one obstacle small business owners face in online marketing, without fail. As someone who consults with dozens of business owners every week, here’s something to think about: You spend too much time on social media to be effective. Stop it. Now, notice I didn’t say to stop using social media. That…

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10 Steps to a Simple and Comprehensive Content Marketing Plan

1. Mindmap to document and organize your initial ideas. 2. Create Keynote/PPT slides on each branch of your Mindmap. 3. Present your content and record your narration along with your slides. 4. Have your audio presentation(s) transcribed. 5. Submit your slides to Slideshare. 6. Upload your slide narration videos to YouTube (bonus: upload your transcriptions…

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Was It the Year of the QR Code?

2011 — they started to pop up everywhere, but do the numbers support that it was the year of the QR code? Perspective is all important here. I think it’s important to realize that a 6% response rate for a marketing piece can be looked at as a glowing success. Because it’s a single digit,…

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The Social Media ROI Myth

Corporate types awkwardly struggle with social media ROI. That shows one thing – they just don’t get it…yet! What’s the ROI on telephones? Surely, a sales call has and will never work, right??? How about paper? Direct marketing pieces must be a bunch of noise and a waste. Why send people letters, aside from Santa,…

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