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SEO seem too complicated? Let’s pull back the curtains

Demystifying Search Engine Optimization Showing up on the first page of Google has become somewhat of the holy grail for businesses. The process of enhancing and positioning your website so it ranks well in search at Google, Yahoo and Bing is called Search Engine Optimization. While most every business can benefit from SEO and being…

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SEO in a Nutshell — Now featuring Social Signals

Last week, someone I’ve been working with asked me about SEO, saying that, “people providing SEO seem to want everyone to think it’s some kind of black magic interspersed with some sort of ESP.” That resonated with me, because it’s a sign of SEO firm desperation, of the snakeoil variety.. I followed up with “SEO…

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Video Podcasting To Improve Branding, Search Engine Rankings and Traffic Generation

As YouTube is currently listed as the #3 most visited site on Internet, grabbing just under 20% of global Internet users per day (according to, it should come as no surprise that video has revolutionized the way communication occurs online.  The power of video lies in that it allows video publishers to form powerful…

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