Bridging the Technology Gap

With the launch of rapidly approaching, I’m excited to see how it impacts the lives of people who pretend to be totally inept in dealing with technology. I can’t wait to hear how family members and friends are blown away by a Baby Boomer who only uses his computer to check email (and used to struggle with that), goes on to create a steady, solid income by running an online business. In fact, a few members of my beta test group put themselves into this “helpless when it comes to online” category, and they’ve come to see the bigger picture and the simplicity that goes along with it.

I’m fascinated by the apparent disconnect between the “techies” and everybody else. It seems you either can and do everything on and with a computer, or you’re afraid to turn one on. The perception is that there are two polar extremes, and not a whole lot of middle ground. Sounds kinda like politics doesn’t it… 😕

Well, I tend to disagree with that perception. While there are people who still refuse to embrace technology, everyday, someone’s mom or grandfather gets setup with email, and takes off from there. Learning the basics is the most crucial component to how well that person does, and how encouraged they are to embrace further use of technology.

And that’s where comes into play. I guess I enjoy programming and all things online, because it came fairly easy to me; yet, that’s not the case for many. is going to go back to basics and walk every member through the steps, A thru Z in understanding, getting started in, and growing a successful online business.

In the coming weeks and months, I hope to see many more testimonials like the ones that can already be seen at