Be Heard in a Noisy World

As Web 2.0 fundamentally redefines how we use the Internet, the authority and voice has been given back to YOU, the user, who has the ability to create content instantaneously, vote articles and video good or bad, give your feedback to blog posts (such as this very post), share news stories with your friends and through networks.

While that sounds all fine and dandy…which it is…traditional marketing and advertising approaches have become much more challenging, as users have grown accustomed to simply tuning out any ad on their screen (many use technology that actually does that for them…ads don’t even show up on their screen). This is cause for concern if you’ve been using PPC campaigns, email marketing, banner ads, or any of the other types of traditional Internet Marketing tactics.

It does not mean that Internet Marketing is a lost cause, quite to the contrary actually.

But the rules of engagement have changed. No longer can you blatantly hit someone over the head with an ad…asking your battered prospect to take some action in their impaired state. I’d venture to say that it becomes more intellectual, in a sense.

What getting an audience and gaining attention requires nowadays is a bit different. Web surfers are looking for value and efficiency. With the sensory overload that is the Internet today, users want the precise information they’re looking for, from a trustworthy source, and they aren’t going to go on a witch hunt to get it…they want it quickly, as time is everyone’s most valuable resource.

Sound difficult? It may, as this is a paradigm shift that all Internet marketers are dealing with.

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