Back to Basics in Online Business

In any sport, discipline or art, fundamentals are always stressed, even at the highest levels. Why is it then, that we don’t hold the same regard for fundamentals in the world of online business?

By over-hyping opportunities, placing too much emphasis on automated processes and making everything seem so incredibly fool-proof, as marketers we’re not only setting up others for failure, but ourselves, as well, in the long run.

Completely missing, is an emphasis on the fundamentals of doing business online. Whether it be affiliate marketing, network marketing, reselling, eBay or some other business model, there are foundational basics that must be mastered for success, with no exception. Completely lost is guidance on how to choose a good model, how to generate free and natural traffic, how to structure and protect our assets, how to choose and penetrate a niche…I can go on and on.

On November 6, 2007, I’ll be launching a training system that addresses these shortcomings that plague our industry. will act as a free boot camp for aspiring online business people or those who need a boost. We’ll go back to basics, correct habits and start from a fresh perspective.

Let begin to be honest with ourselves, our prospects and our customers. We’ll all benefit from it in the long run…and remember, if you want to make a real living working from home with an online business, our discipline is a marathon, not a sprint.