Attract What You Are

“The way you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.” To be honest, I don’t know who originally said it, but I quote this saying quite often. It is, in a roundabout kinda way, the law of attraction at work. Actually, it’s the result of the law of attraction…and the cause of the law of attraction… it’s all the same.

The point is that what you put out in the world in the form of Energy, comes back to you in a similar form of Energy. How does this have anything to do with online business and Internet marketing? Everything!

Take viral marketing for instance. To give a specific example, let’s take a YouTube video that gets forwarded around amongst friends. If you put out a YouTube video to promote your product, service or good, the most import element in that video is your Energy, because once you go on camera, the viewer is looking to YOU for encouragement — if they first pick up on a positive, warm, good Energy. Otherwise, the viewer will want to shoot you down or find a hole in your argument from the start. YouTube marketing is becoming one of the most powerful forms of Internet Relationship Marketing to date.

So, then how do you vibrate at a level that is Attractive? Well, consider marketing on the basis of VALUE…truly show others the value in what you’re promoting, how it will benefit THEM, without thinking of you. This is different than the typical marketer who is thinking about their benefit first and foremost (the sale). Believe, get excited, see the value in your product or service.

Along the way, of course you’ll want to inject some mental triggers to get them to take action or to create some influence (in plain language, you’ll use some marketing tactics 😉 ), but ultimately convey the real value for your customers. But first, the belief in the value must start with you.