Appeal to Easy Money

There’s a reason online business has the word “business” at the end of it. “Business” implies work, and that is a fairly accurate depiction in my experience. Why then, do I get bombarded with junk email that invites me to all of these wonderful sounding “easy money” biz opps?

The latest came from a character named Juan. He’s been emailing me for the past few days. Now, normally I’d just delete this type of spam and go about my day, but I thought I’d read these…if only to get inside his head and try to find what would make him think I would bite.

A consistent trait throughout his series of messages is that they all appeals to my inner Lazy Hank. Juan talks about the “Secrets to Riches” and tells me that “We did everything for you” so I can just fork over some “start up” cash to good ol’ Juan and sit back and relax, expecting the money to come rolling in. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Well sign me up! Or no, don’t, wait…

What is it that he’s even trying to get me to join into? Why would I be interested in this email advertisement? Why would he think I’d do anything but delete the email or blog about how senseless the approach is?

Now, I don’t know Juan, so I’ll imagine he’s a good guy who probably got suckered into this and is now sending these desperate sounding emails to people he hasn’t even pre-qualified or gotten to opt-in to his mailing. In a sense, I feel for the guy because his approach very clearly shows that he has limited training or experience in Internet Marketing, and that’s a sign to me that he’s involved with a company that offers weak training (which is of utmost importance for that type of business model).

I have no problem with Juan’s MLM or Network Marketing business. What I do have a problem with is how here is Juan, left out in the cold, spamming an untargeted list, probably wasting a ton of advertising dollars, while someone’s having dinner on Juan’s dime that he forked over to join the scheme. All of this when there’s another, vastly superior way…though it involves work (but it also WORKS!).

Internet Relationship Marketing is the alternate route, the anti-Amway method, if you will. You can be involved in a fairly turnkey online business and not have to drop the MLM Bomb on your brother, uncle, niece, neighbor and auto mechanic. No one likes being f’d by the MLM Bomb, and Internet Relationship Marketing humanizes all of the beauty and potential of the Internet and gracefully works magic for business building.

This is an important and almost completely dismissed way of business building, especially in the arena of MLM & Network Marketing — the two models that could probably benefit most from this tactic. I’ll be dissecting it further over my next several posts.

Until then, say no to drugs…and offers from guys like Juan. ๐Ÿ˜‰