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SEO in a Nutshell — Now featuring Social Signals

Last week, someone I’ve been working with asked me about SEO, saying that, “people providing SEO seem to want everyone to think it’s some kind of black magic interspersed with some sort of ESP.” That resonated with me, because it’s a sign of SEO firm desperation, of the snakeoil variety.. I followed up with “SEO…

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Simple Secret Persuasion Patterns

Here are some of my favorite simple copywriting and communication persuasion tactics that you can use immediately. They might appear simple and straightforward, but this type of fine tuning in copy that can give you the conversion edge you need. Power Persuasion Words | Simple NLP Copywriting Tactics Words have the power to create emotions,…

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Power Persuasion Words

Language is powerful. A discipline that has been widespread in direct response advertising, yet flies under the radar of the mainstream, is the use of psychology-based copywriting. Words have the power to create emotions, motivate and inspire, instill fear and, as we’ll examine closely in this post, persuade. At the end of this post, I’ll…

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