Monthly Archives: January 2008

Tom Cruise and the Scientologists vs.

If you had a chance to see the strange Tom Cruise / Scientologist Indoctrination video that was up all over the ‘net recently, that means you’ve probably been bored, because it wasn’t much of anything. However, the mothership ordered sites to remove the video with threats of lawsuits, apparently because the Cruise piece is part…

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Be Heard in a Noisy World

As Web 2.0 fundamentally redefines how we use the Internet, the authority and voice has been given back to YOU, the user, who has the ability to create content instantaneously, vote articles and video good or bad, give your feedback to blog posts (such as this very post), share news stories with your friends and…

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New Year’s Business Resolutions

To bring in 2008 I thought I’d commit to some resolutions. First and foremost, I’ll be focusing on just one of my new business models at a time (then moving to the next, only as the first is properly nutured). Seondly, I’ll be blogging more, and with greater focus. I plan on giving away a…

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